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Enterprise character
├ corporate mission: to create a happy and sweet life
├ corporate vision: to become a famous brand in the candy industry
└ core values: quality assurance, meeting customer needs, 100% integrity, prosperous future

Development strategy
├ development concept: only to be strong can we become a century old brand of Dashu
├ development goal: to be a famous enterprise in the development of Chinese candy industry
└ strategic thinking: capital operation × brand building × cultural communication

Business management
├ management concept: Steel discipline
├ employment concept: respect employees, only use
├ innovation concept: Daily breakthrough and sustainable development
├ team view: no forest without trees
├ work concept: work is creation, work is happiness
├ safety concept: keep extreme vigilance to prevent in case of occurrence
└ quality concept: quality is produced rather than tested

Moral cultivation
├ the concept of human nature: first let customers accept your human nature, then let customers accept your products
├ incorruptibility: the tree is not afraid of the sun, the body is not afraid of the shadow
└ worldview: be honest, do things fairly / do things first and then, pay first and then return

Brand marketing
├ Brand concept: culture is product, trademark is brand
└ Brand proposition: happy and sweet every day

Return concept
└ sharing concept: from society to society